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“Lebanese Diaspora in Action” is an organization formed for purposes that are exclusively charitable. Its charitable actions are carried out in accordance with the idea of the right of everyone to dignity and fulfillment, without distinctions based on creed, religion and ethnic and community origins. The organization itself supports humanitarian, cultural and sustainable development interventions in Lebanon, or, while still retaining control over the use of resources, the Organization carries out these interventions in collaboration with Lebanese organizations operating in Lebanon without a religious or community reference and at no cost to the vulnerable populations benefiting from it. In order to carry out its mission, the organization can also donate to other Canadian organizations that are qualified donees.

The priorities of the Organization are:
  • Projects of public utility at the social, educational, ecological and economic level that benefit vulnerable populations, in collaboration with Lebanese partners who do not discriminate Religious and communitarian.
  • Assistance to orphaned minor children of a parent who has been a victim of a terrorist act or who died in a military operation.
  • The realization of fundraising activities in Quebec and across Canada to support its mission.