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Dear compatriots

You are well aware of the current state of finances and the economy in our motherland. Our parents in Lebanon are going through a critical time which, without the help of the diaspora, would put them in a state of dramatic deprivation.

It is likely that a very large number of you are already in the mode of transferring funds to your family in Lebanon, but it would certainly be good to ensure that these transfers can be done with added value.

The Lebanese Diaspora in Action, in collaboration with the ICF, offers to channel your donations through payments to food suppliers in Lebanon on behalf of the people of your choice or of your family you wish to help.

The first supplier to take on this role is Metro Supermarket – Lebanon which has 4 branches today. Metro intends to increase the amount offered by making substantial discounts to those people you would like to help.

For members of the Diaspora who reside in Canada, a tax receipt will be issued for any amount paid. The complete operation of this transfer mechanism as well as the advantages is explained to you in the following link.


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The Lebanese Diaspora Foundation in Action is a non-profit, non-government-subsidized organization. As such, the foundation must finance itself for the projects put forward.
The organization holds annual events and the sums raised are going away for a very specific cause.
This year we decided to buy 20 defibrillators from the company ZOLL AED to install in several Lebanese high schools. This idea comes from the fact that many of the young people are victims of heart attack, without necessarily being at risk and above all undiagnosed. Lebanon has already lost several young people in this way. The Lebanese Diaspora organization in Action wants to join (Y.O.H.A. N ORG) youth organization For Health Awareness Now, which works to prevent and educate young people about the invisible risks of deadly diseases. Y.O.H.A. N is active in schools and universities and thanks to its several interventions and a preventive detection, it managed to save 50 young people from a heart attack. We are not necessarily aware of the stress that our young people are experiencing or the impact of this pressure on their health. We take for granted that they are healthy and that everything is fine.
Lebanese Diaspora in Action challenged himself to pick up enough money to acquire 20 defibrillators. For this, It needs your generous donations.
“Many people are willing to do great things. Few are content to do little things on a daily basis. Mother Teresa. ” We are the carriers of small actions on a daily basis and that makes a big difference.
The support of your company, will be greatly appreciated if you agree to make a donation that will allow us to achieve our goal.
In the hope of having the opportunity to meet you soon, I remain at your disposal for any questions about the Lebanese Diaspora Foundation in Action.

Fundraising event for the benefit of orphans in the Lebanese Army